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SHIBAURA Institute of Technology Junior and
Senior High School Monument Restoration

 Tokyo (Koto-ku)

Beforer Rstoration

・Has placed fpr 40 years.
・Has cracked and fallen. and some rust of the reinforcing steel
・Rough appearance caused by exposing to the wind and rain for many years.

Work Method

In order to prevent future cracks from spreading to the statue , the rusted reinforcing steel was removed from the damaged area.The missing areas were cemented and reshaped.The surface was coated with white cement and finally a water repellent coating was applied.

After Restoration

The stains on the granite, the base of the sculpture, were also washed away with high-pressure cleaning.The nameplate, which had a greenish-blue tint, has been restored to its 40-year-old appearance and is now beautifully revitalized.This work of art is installed along the path to the main gate of the school. It is now a presence that will watch over the students for many years to come, unchanged.

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