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Mosaic Tile Reinforcement for Plaster Dome
(Meguro Ward Office Building)

Meguro Ward General Office Building 3F South Entrance Hall
H2.3m x W1.7m x D2.9m (8 units)
Reinforced steel frame, plaster, water-based FRP
Client: Meguro Ward
Construction: Shirai Corporation

Beforer Rstoration

We reinforced 8 area of the plaster dome to prevent breakage ,  and structural performance with the aim of ensuring safety during earthquakes. The maintenance was based on detailed discussions on design, structure, temporary construction plans, and the connection of lighting equipment, etc. installed in the plaster dome.

Work Method

For this project, we were in charge of the reinforcement of the mosaic tile plaster dome, which also serves as the top light, steel frame work, cleaning of the inside of the dome, and plaster and water-based FRP reinforcement work for the outside of the dome.

After Restoration

In case of an earthquake, we reinforced the outside of the dome, such as the steel frame, with plaster and water-based FRP reinforcement. In addition, the inside of the dome was cleaned, the deteriorated silicon adhesive was removed, and the mosaic tiles were restored to their original beauty by repairing with new clear joint material.

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