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“Create" "Protect" and "Connect"

We believe to have three duties in our mission.We propose art objects that meet the needs of the times and the environment. Not only to "create" them, but also we "protect" the objects to keep the landscape safe through our periodic inspection. Besides them, we also create oppor- tunities to infiltrate art works, artists and art cultures into our society through "connecting " various people by managing the associated gallery.

Integrated manufacturing system

Integrated manufacturing system_e.jpg

Our integrated approach to design, production, installation, and construction enables us to produce formed objects of high quality for customer’s needs. In addition, the system also allows us to address new issues at each stage and eliminate wasteful work of production as well.

Introduction of 3D cad / 3D scanner / 3D printer

In the past, we have been able to accomplish many difficult projects. One of the reasons for these achievements is our in-house training with the goal of having all our staff master the 3D cad/3D scanner/3D printer operation skills. With these skills, we visualize designs for proposals and respond sudden changes quickly in specifications. Through accurate information sharing and multifaceted verification, we execute complex projects successfully


Strong connections with artists

Since our establishment in 1988, we have had strong relationships with various production-related companies (casting, painting, processing) and artists through both production and gallery business, which is the important asset in meeting the various needs of our customers.


Osamu Kido  

​Atsuo Okamoto  

​ Takako Yoshimura  

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