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 GYOSEI GAKUEN Achademy Maria Statue

Tokyo (Chiyoda Ward)

Beforer Rstoration

・The tip of the nose and base of the statue of Mary are chipped off.
・ A lot of moss and dirt covering the entire statue should be removed.
・Restoration of clipping part and cleaning are required .

​Work Method

Moss and dirt was removed from the entire statue using a high-pressure washer.The missing parts , such as the nose and the base of the statue, were filled in, and then original shape was reproduced by scraping with a rheuther.Finally, a water-repellent coating was applied to the statue to prevent getting future dirty .

After Restoration

The missing part of the nose of the statue of Mary has been repaired, and high-pressure cleaning has restored the statue to its original white and beautiful marble appearance. A water-resistant coating was applied to the statue to ensure that it will remain beautiful outdoors for years to come.

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