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Message from the President

In April 1988, Be-Factory started as a private atelier with one employee renting a corner of a factory in Iriya, Adachi Ward. After four years of unemployed life while working, I was already close to 30 years old when I opened my own business after being enrolled for seven years, including as a research student at Tokyo University of the Arts. Blessed with the world's booming economy, the current Bee Factory began with many orders made by individuals. In order to respond to "customer needs", we are focusing on in-house education such as introducing the latest equipment and instilling it in our employees. As a result, we are focusing on an integrated system that can respond to various customer requests, even for complex large-scale monuments. As a result, our meticulous and high-tech proposals have been highly evaluated both domestically and internationally. I was also given a title. Our finished products will lead to a comfortable future for each and every one of you. With this strong conviction, we will continue to push forward with every art-related business every day.

Representative Director / Representative of Iriya Gallery Shigeyuki Nakamura

​Born in Nagano Prefecture in 1956.1985 Graduated from the Graduate School of Fine Arts, Tokyo University of the Arts, majoring in sculpture. Many solo exhibitions and group exhibitions. Many public collections, including Belmont Park (Tokyo), Minami Junior High School (Saitama), Komoto Community Road (Tokyo), and Muroyama Agripark (Nagano).

​ Representative Director / Iriya Gallery Representative Shigeyuki Nakamura

《 和の回廊 》室山アグリパーク(長野県安曇野市)


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