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Restoration, conservation, and maintenance business

We contribute to the creation of a prosperous city by maintaining and restoring historical art properties. In addition to the appropriate restoration for each material, we also restore the artist's work without losing its original flavor as well.

Installed artworks spoil not only the beauty of the landscape, but also have the potential to cause unexpected accidents due to deterio- rations. We believe that it is important to maintain the beauty and safety of existing artworks in our living environment. With our unique technology and extensive experience in restoring and renovating artworks, we are able to propose the appropriate treatment.

Examples of Achievements

Stainless Steel Sculpture / Bronze Statue / Stone Statue (including Marble) / Fiber Reinforced Plastic (FRP) / Mosaic Art / LED Digital Signage Art / Decorative Architectural Hardware / Installed Artists' Works, etc.

Repair and strengthen damaged parts of sculptures, cultural assets and artworks.

Artifacts exist today are our precious assets that have been handed down surviving the passage of time through various disasters and natural calamities. Our experts restore such artifacts as much as possible to inherit the past to the present and into the future.





The sculpture on the left was in the dangerous condition due to the surface damage with green- ish-blue runoff from acid rain and the significant damage caused by the Great East Japan Earthquake as well. Considering the high location of this sculp- ture, we reinforced the inside and repaired it to make it close to the original condition.

We take full responsibility for periodic inspections after installation.

Even if it is in a beautiful condition now, it will deteriorate day by day due to rain, wind, and various vibration. Our periodical inspection prevents not only accidents by detecting deterioration of invisible parts, but also prevent stains and rust at an early stage. As a results, they are maintained close to their original structure.


​Maintenance example / regular cleaning

​Maintenance example / outdoor sculpture repair

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