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K Park Statue of the Goddess of
Mercy Restoration and Relocation

Prime contractor : Hosokawa Art Office Co. Ltd.
Ibaraki Prefecture (Hitachinaka City)

Beforer Rstoration

The bronze statue had been damaged by acid rain which had caused the blue rust running off all over the surface . In addition to this, the Great East Japan Earthquake had further damaged for the statue, and had made it very dangerous to install it in such a high place. Especialy, the abdomen was severely damaged. We removed it from the pedestal and transported it to our factory, where we reinforced and repaired the inside of the fuselage.

Work Method

Cracks in the belly, at the base of the legs, and in areas where the bronze metal is thin were reinforced from the inside with stainless steel plates.A portion of the belly was cut to provide an opening for work, and the cracks that had turned outward were straightened to their original state. Stainless steel plates were placed along the cracks and fixed with screws.The openings for work and the openings that were made in the ground when the work was removed were also welded, and the welding points were cut out and shaped. In this way, the original shape was reproduced.Based on the original greenish-blue hue, urethane paint was carefully applied in layers to harmonize with the surrounding colors.

After Restoration

Reinforcements were made to maintain safety. Through professional modeling repairs, the texture of the work has been repaired intact. The overall color is beautiful and brightness has been restored.

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