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Chaminade Statue

Chaminade Monastery
Tokyo (Chiyoda-ku)

Beforer Rstoration

The statue was affected by acid rain, which caused the marble material to deteriorate, resulting in a noticeable surface roughness. It was also generally stained and yellowed, and the fingers and collar band were missing.

Work Method

・Fill in the missing parts of the fingers and collar band with plaster.
・Shape the filled in areas by shaving with a router to reproduce the original shape.
・Smooth the rough surface of the statue.
・Apply stain remover to remove yellowing throughout the statue.
・Remove the stain remover using a high-pressure washer.
・Blending the discoloration with the surrounding white color.
・Apply an outdoor coating.

After Restoration

The finish is so natural that the missing parts are now unrecognizable. The rough surface is now smooth to the touch, and the yellowing is gone, leaving the surface white to the touch. The coating protects the surface and keeps it beautiful even when it rains.

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