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C Park Bronze Statue Restoration

Tokyo (Sumida Ward)

Beforer Rstoration

The surface of the work is noticeably deteriorated over time due to fecal damage and rain dripping. Dirt has settled over the entire surface and is difficult to remove with general cleaning.

Work Method

 First, using a high-pressure washer, remove dirt from the entire statue by repeatedly washing with neutral detergent and water.Then, the statue is degreased and cleaned.After the cleaning is completed, a primer coat of greenish-blue paint is applied to reproduce the original color of the bronze statue.Then, the statue is painted with a coat of blue-green paint to bring it closer to its original color.Finally, an outdoor coating is applied to the entire statue.Translated with (free version)

After Restoration

Expert craftsmanship has given the bronze statue the beautiful deep brown color it had when it was created. By restoring the beauty of the sculpture, even the surrounding landscape has been made more beautiful and attractive.

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