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Koma  road  along Kanchougai Street , Restoration of statues

Aomori Prefecture (Towada City)

Beforer Rstoration

The surface of the work is noticeably deteriorated over time due to fecal damage and rain dripping. Dirt has settled over the entire surface and is difficult to remove with general cleaning.

Work Method

Raindrops, bird droppings, and other stains on the entire statue were removed using a high-pressure washer, and water stains on the pedestal were also removed. The color was fine-tuned and painted to approximate the original color of the statue, and finally, an outdoor coating was applied to complete the project.

After Restoration

Expert craftsmanship has recreated the original texture of the statue as it was originally installed. The red granite of the pedestal was also polished and beautifully restored. Protected by a coating, it will retain its beauty even in the rain.

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