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Recruitment of art production staff due to business expansion

* Number of people hired: Some

Please apply by email.


If you have a resume and a portfolio of your own works, please send them to the email address below.

If you would like to proceed to the next step after screening the documents, we will contact you from here.

[Business summary]

Planning, design, production, construction, restoration, and gallery management of art monuments such as metal

[Job Description]

Metal processing / welding / painting / restoration / site management


Male graduates / new graduates

Those who are confident in their physical strength and those who have experience in manufacturing are welcome


Up to about 30 years old

[Qualifications / Skills]

drivers license

Other preferential treatment for license holders regarding production

(Medium-sized license, large-sized license, first-class architect, first-class construction manager)

[Employment status]

Full-time employee

[Trial period]

3 months (working conditions unchanged during the trial period)

[Salary / Bonus]

Starting salary from 220,000 yen (including 30 hours of deemed overtime)

We will give preferential treatment based on experience and qualification license.


Twice a year

[Social insurance system]

Yes (health insurance, welfare pension, employment insurance)

[Work location]


1-13-19 Shikahama, Adachi-ku, Tokyo

[Working hours]

8: 00-17: 00 Lunch break 1 hour (overtime may be required depending on the project. Separately provided)


Saturdays, Sundays, public holidays, Bon festivals, year-end and New Year holidays (There are holidays depending on the project. Separately provided)

[paid holidays ]

10 days (acquired after 6 months of work, 20 days after 6.5 years)

[Transportation expenses]

Payment (with upper limit)


Qualification acquisition support system / Yes

First-class architect First-class construction manager Various licenses Skill training, etc.

[Company Profile]

Be Factory Co., Ltd.

1-13-19 Shikahama, Adachi-ku, Tokyo 123-0864

[Number of employees] 11 people 4 contract employees

--Breakdown of employees: 8 men and 3 women (3 contract employees and 1 woman)

--University of origin: Tokyo University of the Arts 6 Tokyo Zokei University 1 Joshibi University of Fine Arts 1 Tama Art University 1 Sophia University 1 Others 5 (including contract employees)

[Email address]

[Telephone number] 03-3857-8155

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