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Restoration of Tokyo Metropolitan Teien Art Museum
(Main Gate)

Tokyo (Minato Ward)

Beforer Rstoration

This historic gateway, a nationally designated Important Cultural Property, has served as the gateway for so long that parts of it have decayed due to rust. During that time, the surface of the gate has been painted many times, making the gate thicker.

Work Method

All hinges, wheels, etc. are disassembled and sandblasted to remove paint and rust from the doors. Severely corroded areas are welded and reshaped close to the original shape. Then, a finish coat of paint was applied. After completion, a 3D scan was taken to save the data as an important cultural asset.

After Restoration

In addition to functioning as the gate, the rust of age has been removed and the gate has been beautifully repaired. Thanks to our professional skills and knowledges, the charm of the good old important cultural asset has been reproduced as it is.

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