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Color tone and coloring of bronze statue
in front of Sakura Station

Chiba Prefecture (Sakura City)

Beforer Rstoration

This statue is settled in the station plaza. The surface is in the advanced state of age-related deterioration due to surface discoloration caused by exhaust fumes and dust, also rain dripping, and other factors. Dirt has already settled considerably on the entire surface. It is difficult to remove by general cleaning.

Work Method

A high-pressure washer was used to remove stains and dirt from the statue caused by raindrops and bird droppings, as well as water stains on the pedestal. The coloring was done by layering the original color of the installation over and over, and an outdoor coating was applied to complete the work.

After Restoration

Expert craftsmanship restored the original texture of the original installation. Five years after the restoration, we walked by and checked the area and found that it remained in pristine condition with no change at all from when it was restored. The surface has been protected by a coating, which ensures that it retains its beauty even when it rains.

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